Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me about their day like go on anon and tell me what you had for lunch or a dumb commercial that you saw I don’t care I like getting pointless messages

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(about the character meme) Regina mills


I really suck at these but here we go :)

Why I like them: the character is just so fascinating and the actress is scary good

Favorite episode (scene if movie) The Thing You Love The Most
Favorite season/movie: season 1
Favorite line: I can’t think of any
Favorite outfit: I want them all
OTP: outlaw queen?
Brotp: Snow Queen
Head Canon: fears Granny lol
Unpopular opinion: I feel like the writers are ruining her redemption arc by ignoring her past evil deeds and antagonizing Snow and Eva for her to make her look good.
A wish: i want her to apologize to everyone and admit that Daniels death was not Snow’s fault.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: dying
5 words to best describe them: fierce, petty, fascinating, passionate and vengeful
My nickname for them: my queen


so i was looking up off bug spray ads and i was expecting to see some lady on a lawn chair with a bottle of bug spray but instead i saw


then i came across this gem


and this last one was pure gold


god bless you off bug spray

Kato, ulkkaritkin käyttää ohvia

näköjään se on ulkomailta kotosin

live and learn

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Some thoughts on Carrie diaries (season 2, around the part where Maggie is pregnant, Walt is kicked out the house etc)

I really like Sebastian Kydd with Carrie. I’m assuming that he did something wrong in season 1, but I haven’t seen season 1 and in season 2 he’s been such a caring and good friend to Maggie and really nice to Carrie. He’s already my favorite. (I really, really don’t like Big). I really don’t understand how Carrie goes from Sebastian to Big. S is such a good guy. 

Speaking of Maggie, I liked her storyline and it was really devastating that her dream was to have a baby, and it was yanked away from her. I loved how they flipped his dad’s reaction when he found about that it was Simon who took advantage of Maggie. Although I can’t for the life of me understand why Simon would show up at their high school and start kicking Sebastian around. Like dude, her dad is an inch away from killing you. Quit while you’re ahead. 

Carrie was my least favorite character during Sex and the city but I really like her in CD. She seems to genuinely care about people, although she does demonstrate some of her future behavior (making everything about her in Satc), but since this show has her as a main character and everyone else is a side character, it works.

I love Samantha, her and Larissa having a threesome was awesome. It seemed to mellow them down a peg, at least where each other is concerned.

Oh Walt. I’ve been back and forth with him and his boyfriend, but overall I like him. He just really cares about the people around him.