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Young Justice: Misplaced. What about pregnant women?

What happened to their kids? Did this episode induce mass miscarriages?

Youtube user Ithriel originally noted this, and I was like “nooooooooo”

  1. pairofsmittens answered: What about people holding babies? Lots of dropped babies in the world.
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    What about the kids in planes? Like, commercial airlines? Because not all of them are Billy Batson, and there’s only so...
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  5. jitteryslob answered: I’m gonna assume since the kids weren’t technically born yet that they were still in their mom’s womb
  6. jaq-frost answered: Dear God, this epsiode is brutal when you really think about it
  7. magical-elves-haunt-me answered: oh. my. god.
  8. opaul answered: I doubt it
  9. stem-cell answered: And all the sick/disabled children. Children living in povety or child soilders. What happened D:
  10. kaidanalenkko answered: I think that since they were still in the womb, and therefore not born yet, the pregnancies would be fine.
  11. dickclops answered: OH MY GOD ROFL YOU GUYS WHY
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    I actually thought of this as well. I got so worried. D:
  13. darkslover answered: O_o Yikes… I didn’t think about this…
  14. chasertiff answered: I posted this about Mera hours ago. Because I am always concerned about the most perfect woman under the sea. ._.
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