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Men were supposed to go mad with grief when their children died, he knew. They were supposed to tear their hair out by the roots, to curse the gods and swear red vengeance. So why was it that he felt so little? The boy lived and died believing Robert Baratheon his sire.

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Staying in the Kingsguard means I’ll live right here, in the Red Keep, with you.

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Words, arcs, and POV chapters



Jaime Lannister meta + how to write it. Spoilers through ADWD.

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Okay maybe I’m a bit biased, because I’ve never ever thought Jaime had a redemption arc of any sort, and I’m firmly under the impression that all 3 of the Lannister siblings are the same level of “goodness,” but I definitely (respectfully) disagree with most of this. Though, interpretation is obviously personal. 

The biggest thing about Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion is that they are all very selfish, arrogant individuals, albeit about different things. Cersei about her beauty and her perceived scheming, Jaime about his sword hand, and Tyrion about his intellect and wit. And also “A Lannister always pays his debts;” the biggest thing about the three POV Lannisters is they are first and foremost defined by their family and their relationships with each other and their father. So to embark on this:

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dude i fucking love Lena Headey so much, but sometimes it’s so blatant that she doesn’t read the books and that her opinion is so easily swayed by what D&D feed them in the shape of the show. Like, it happens with her but it happens with every other actor too, few exceptions. Sometimes they get…

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#   sansa stark 

I’ve lost a hand, a father, a son, a sister, and a lover, and soon enough I will lose a brother. And yet they keep telling me House Lannister has won this war.

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