I don’t understand YJ’s writing

First they introduce to us a story arch that involves M’gann abusing her powers and being too harsh on the villains. The person who tells the audience about this is Conner, her ex, which is supposed to make us realize that this is serious business.

Now they have M’gann essentially brain kill Kaldur, which would seem like the culmination of her abusing her powers arc….except it isn’t. This whole thing could’ve been avoided if Dick had simply let M’gann in on his big plan. Also, M’gann has neutralized villains before with her powers, so this was nothing new.

Her brain killing Kaldur will only make sense if this (her harming a villain who turned out to be a good guy) will set her on a path to be less violent towards villains. Otherwise you (the writers) killed the best character in the series for nothing. Even if this happens, you still killed the best character in the series for nothing. Why is it necessary to kill off a character for the writers to be able to develop another character? 


30 Days of Shipping Challenge - Day Three: A pairing that needs to happen now.

Artemis Crock & Kaldur’ahm: So here we have two individuals who have been the pariahs of the Young Justice group, they both have evil fathers who wouldn’t mind if they joined the dark side, their teammates do not trust them at one point and the potential screams promise.  Except…we don’t get that connection.  The best we get is the first episode Artemis shows up: where Kaldur is the only one to welcome her into the group officially—the one who praises her on a job well done.  However, we may get to have at least some bonding time in the continuity, considering they are now undercover as bad guys together.  So maybe?  And, yes, this is basically the only couple I’ve rooted for in this show.  Huh.  Imagine that.