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William H. Foster III, comic book historian, on representation in comic books. From PBS’s Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle.

Because a post crossed my dash recently asking why we need to push for more representation in comic books and media in general. 50 years later, this man still tears up because in one panel, Peter Parker spoke to an unnamed black kid. That’s why we need representation.

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UGH … .stop with the “romantic love as THE ONLY love worth saving.”


You know with all of the “Emma should not have brought Marion back  . .( ie making Regina unhappy again) .  . .HOW ABOUT THIS

Roland, innocent little Roland, got HIS mommy back.  

It same happiness that Regina felt and wanted when Henry SAW her for the first time.   Once again Regina’s powers of self-reflection are lacking.  Emma did not ruin Regina’s life … she returned what was taken (wrongly) from a child.

Screw  romantic true love …a CHILD GOT HIS MOMMY BACK (on Mother’s Day).