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Legend of Korra episodes 1&2&3

All in all, I thought it was a better start than book 2 was. We seem to be headed towards a direction where Korra and Asami are bonding, and Mako and Bolin will be spending time with their surprisingly big family, so aside from Jinora/Kai ship tease, this book seems to be a lot more tolerable than previous seasons where romance played an unfortunately big part.

I especially like the fact that we get to see poor people and the way bending and the wealthy have affected their status in the Earth Kingdom. I would really love to see an outcome where Korra breaks out the money from the Earth Queen and deals it out to the poorest of the poor.

I was initially ok with Kai, but they quickly had him do stuff that was very similar to his initial introduction, so him being thrown in with the other Airbenders was a good way to use him. I like the fact that Korra has a clear path for her in this book, but they also keep it real and show that not everyone wants to be an Airnomad.

Overall, like I said, I hope Korra and Asami continue to bond (they seem to work together well), I hope Mako and Bolin spend time separate from Korra and Asami. This looks like a very promising start for this book. I’m very excited about the new villains and can’t wait to see if that was Azula in that prison that Zuko and the twins went to see.