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bolin trying to comfort mako…

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The Legend of Korra Book 2 Finale

Do you need a hug?

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Legend of Korra book 2 civil wars, part 1&2

These two episodes, while problematic in some aspects, remind me of the reason I watch this show.

Before I forget: I wish Asami had gotten her paws on Unalaq, because her glove could do some serious damage on him.

Things I liked:

  • Mako. Yup, believe it or not, he was okay in these episodes. Considering how Korra is acting, his confusion is understandable. Also Bolin calling him out on him breaking women’s hearts was awesome. A couple more jabs and Mako is ready to be a character who has flaws which are pointed out to him. (the leech thing was not good but I appreciate a social retard when I see one)
  • Korra’s parents. They try. Also Korra’s dad’s voice is pretty dreamy. I like her mom being all “we just wanted to be normal but then shit happened”
  • Asami. you didn’t do much but what you did was good.
  • The whole Bumi and Kya calling Tenzin out on Aang worship and then apologizing to him for taking their problems with Aang out on him. I get both sides of the argument, and I think anyone who ever had a sibling would.
  • There is a huge disconnect between Varrick the goofy comedy character and Varrick, we gonna do some warring, character. This is good. Children should see that a fun guy can do bad things. (Just because a war is “justified” doesn’t make it a good thing. Wars are always justified in some way. Wars are always bad.) I should not like Varrick as much as I do. But I do. 
  • Korra’s reunion with her parents. FINALLY. + on her crying. A more productive way to let out her frustration, I think
  • Asami flying the plane like it’s no big deal
  • awesome bending stuffs, altho not many
  • war means potential for an awesome story arc. but also death.

Things I didn’t like:

  • the whole Eska thing. the episode ending with Varrick going “bitches be crazy” is just a bit uncomfortable to me. the whole Boleska thing went from fun to psycho girlfriend way too fast.
  • 90% of Korra’s arguments are non-arguments. “[korra’s parents] only want what’s best for you” “oh yeah? then why does the south want to go to war?” it just gets embarrassing after you realize what she says makes no sense.
  • Like they said on ThinkAboutTheInk, Unalaq was evil, which was obvious, and he was evil in the exact way we thought he was gonna be evil. And this is a huge surprise??
  • the family bits with tenzin at the end took us away from the shock of the war declaration. also while i mostly liked it, some of it was a little too much. it just so happens that there is an airbender child for every baby appa, as well as aang’s children…(excluding the baby airbender of course since he’s too young to have drama).
  • i don’t want to harp on korra too much, but every time she kicks someone, i have to pause and think “should you be doing that?” 
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Iroh/Bolin:::Letting go: Epilogue

I finally finished Letting go!

Epilogue: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8373733/6/Letting-go

Author’s notes http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8373733/7/Letting-go

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Letting go, chapter 5


It’s been such a long time since I updated this that I almost introduced Zuko as a former Time lord.


Sorry about the delay, bachelor thesis took timeeee.

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thanks to this show i can never take the word “spirit” seriously ever again


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Lin ruffles the boy’s hair as he bends the metal warily.

His eyes might’ve been lighter than Bolin’s, but perhaps this was how it felt to have a son.


commissioned piece for kyuubi1010; Lin and Bolin after training.

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I’ve giffed this scene a couple of times but I’ve never really talked about how much I like it because look at the way Bolin is bending the earth. His footing is unsteady, and at one point he does a little hop off of the ground to get momentum. Even after weeks of the pro-bending arena being shut down he’s still incorporating a more light-footed style into his earthbending because of how long he’s been a pro-bender and how much he’s been trained in it.

While Korra barely uses waterbending outside of the arena and Mako has a rather unrealistic leap in his firebending skills, Bolin’s development from pro-bending style to traditional is subtle but surprisingly well-written. He doesn’t use any fancy traditional attacks outside of the arena- most of it is either throwing chunks of rock or raising columns of earth out of the ground- and because he’s skilled in being light-footed he can full off stunts like earthbending without being fully connected to the ground (bending in the car and tram, bending while riding Naga). As shown above his stance by the end of the series is still a little sloppy because even though he’s adjusted to using a traditional style he’s still an agile pro-bender at heart, but it still works and he can still wreck an entire airport because despite what some people think he’s not a weak bender. He’s just a light-footed, initially inexperienced one.

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Sharing is caring Mako ;o

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