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the cycle is over. i’m the last avatar.

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Our quest :: Wan/Raava fanfic

Raava realizes that a human Wan’s age should probably have a family by now. Is their quest in the way of his happiness? One shot.


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the season finale was great and i’m going to do a piece featuring light spirit Korra because she looked totally awesome YEAH

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Legend of Korra 1.01 // 2.14 

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OMG, this scene, was like… oh my god,


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The most mature thing Mako and Korra did together was break up amicably

Seriously. They both admitted they loved each other, but acknowledged that they don’t work as a couple. Sometimes love isn’t enough. That was a good lesson for the kids in the audience.

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Second half of Legend of Korra book 2 was pretty fucking awesome

It really felt like a finale. Everyone was invested and had something to do in the last episodes. The second half of book 2 made me so happy

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Iroh talking about the light to the Avatar. 

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"Professor Zei!"

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